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Live fast, Live free, Love life.
22, Melbourne, Australia.
I'm the director of TrashDolls... I mainly work with the online bits and pieces with the site as well as modelling, performing, doing some photography, loads of graphic design, fashion design and networking. I love to travel, dance, cook and get naked. I'm training to be an epic showgirl and hopefully a good person ;P I believe in equality, freedom of self expression (particularly freedom to express sexuality) and I'm a big advocate for animal rights. I just want everyone to be happy ^^

It’s weird that these celebrities seem to know that shock value and making the shittest music possible is the best way to get internet virality and therefore make a lot of money off it… That they’ll sell themselves out to the point where they’re a joke and a point of mockery to the world to cash in. 

I mean really the joke is on us, we’re laughing at their tragic videos and cheesy gimmicks while they tour the world, make millions of dollars etc but I really can’t imagine it’d be worth it? 


On stupid offensive t-shirts


My grandmother once said to me, in that dignified, calm way of hers, “I love truck nuts.”

And I was like, “Wha- Excuse me?”

"I love those little plastic testicles that people can buy and put on their truck hitches," she said. "Because I can tell at a glance that the person is…

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"Where did the easter-bunny come from?"

Spring is the season of rebirth. The pagans celebrated this by honoring their goddess of fertility named Eastre. The symbols of fertility for the pagans were bunnies and eggs. The pagans emigrated and spread their religion. Germany took the bunny image and combined it with their freaky Oschter Haws bunny that left eggs for good children. The idea once again moved, this time to America. Like many other holiday figures, the idea was cannibalized and implemented for commercial growth. TL;DR Pagans and their fertility Source:


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