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Live fast, Live free, Love life.
22, Melbourne, Australia.
I'm the director of TrashDolls... I mainly work with the online bits and pieces with the site as well as modelling, performing, doing some photography, loads of graphic design, fashion design and networking. I love to travel, dance, cook and get naked. I'm training to be an epic showgirl and hopefully a good person ;P I believe in equality, freedom of self expression (particularly freedom to express sexuality) and I'm a big advocate for animal rights. I just want everyone to be happy ^^
poor-sad-rich-girl Asked: I just realised you follow me and your my best friend Jodi's friend who I was going to meet at boom! Haha what a small little world x

Small world indeed! :P

meh17 Asked: So how's your trip going? Looks like ur having a blast

Yeah it’s going amazing, I’m having such a good time! Found the perfect air fairy travel buddies to road trip with who are keen to busk with me which is awesome because I’m out of money haha :P 

People to delete from your facebook

If you’re an aussie