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Live fast, Live free, Love life.
22, Melbourne, Australia.
I'm the director of TrashDolls... I mainly work with the online bits and pieces with the site as well as modelling, performing, doing some photography, loads of graphic design, fashion design and networking. I love to travel, dance, cook and get naked. I'm training to be an epic showgirl and hopefully a good person ;P I believe in equality, freedom of self expression (particularly freedom to express sexuality) and I'm a big advocate for animal rights. I just want everyone to be happy ^^

Sometimes I think if everyone was more naked more often, we wouldn’t all have such insecurities about our bodies. It’s only because we hide away under clothes and create the illusion of perfection behind screens that we think our natural form is irregular or wrong. When you’re naked around a bunch of other naked people, you realize we’re all so very different and unique and those imperfections are what makes you stand out… not your clothes or jewelry or any of that materialistic shit you cloak yourself with.

Posted: Fri March 8th, 2013 at 4:38pm
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